Frequently Asked Questions, BABAYYYY! 

Let's GO!


Do you accept returns / exchanges?

We do not accept returns. We do our very best to give as much information as we can with regard to sizing and vintage flaws. If for some reason our item description failed to mention a huge stain or hole, we will accept returns - that's on us! 

Exchanges. We will accept your piece back as long as it is mailed within 14 days of receipt, minus return shipping and a 5% restocking fee. You will receive an emailed gift card for the online store.

As always, please contact us with any concerns or questions. We love happy customers and love to make this experience as exciting and fun as possible!


Are these pieces for men or women?

Vintage sports apparel was originally made for and sized for MEN! All sizes listed are men's sizes. They are modeled by a woman because a woman owns this company! They are sold as unisex. 

Ski suits are sized by gender, but I do my best to list sizes as options for both men and women. For my gender non-conforming folk, use the measurements or reach  out - happy to help everyone find something they love!


How do I know if something will fit?

Please check out our very long-winded sizing description on our Size Guide page. Unless otherwise stated, the pieces are shown on the human body of a 5'8 female who prefers men's size large sweatshirts in her everyday life.

We are always happy to send you photos of the piece on someone who is closer in height/shape/gender to the intended recipient - just reach out directly! I've had my 6'8 friend try on jackets for NBA players and my 4'11 friend try on pieces for children :)


Do you have a storefront?

Nope! We are basically Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. Everything is online and on our instagram.

We also offer private showings at our storage space in Incline Village, NV in North Lake Tahoe! Please text (914-450-8352) or email (info@radmaxvintage.com) to schedule!


How do you determine your prices?

Running a small business is a lot of work. Running a vintage business is even more work! It's all worth it though! Getting my customers a one-of-a-kind piece that is vintage (thus, great for the environment!) brings me so much joy, and my customers a whole lot of joy as well.

This business is run by one human person! She (me) does all the marketing, social media, planning, inventory building, website updating, order fulfillment, and pop up markets!  I pay a lot of money to my network around the country to be sure I have pieces from almost every single professional sports team and over 60 colleges available every day of the year. I pay friends and contractors a fair wage to help with many aspects of the business including running my online advertising and helping at markets. Each individual piece is photographed, measured, written about, and uploaded to the website, which takes a lot of time for only 1 potential sale as each item is - again - one of a kind. I do my best to offer sales when possible, and to work with individual clients on pricing. 

This business has been such a beautiful way to meet and connect with people about such a nostalgic and emotional part of our lives - sports. I do my best to balance making sure I can survive and getting beautiful pieces into the lives of my customers. I hope you understand and find something you absolutely love!