About Rad Max Vintage & Laura Max

RMV Beginnings...

Wait. You started your business in a bar?

Yep. By accident. September 6, 2018. Nothing had me more excited than the start of the NFL season. The long summer wait was over: I reserved a table at my favorite sports bar,  convinced some friends they would meet hot dudes if they joined, and for no reason, threw a few extra vintage NFL sweatshirts in my bag.

I am a diehard NY Giants fan, but I've always collected old sports sweatshirts from any team  and I  figured  someone may love and wear my 1986 Broncos crewneck more than I do. Long story short, one of said ~*~hot dudes~*~ bought the Broncos crew. There's no need to get into his motivations, you guys (hot chicks. fireball shots. a pure, undying love for Denver sports programs.) - I saw something I hadn't seen before: LA is a city of transplants and sports teams connect you to the place where you grew up. I started to pull a bunch of other crewnecks out for every game and.. literally dressed my friends up in apparel and we hung out in bars until people bought the gear. Mkay this story does make me sound like the modern day Heidi Fleiss of Starter Jackets. But it worked.


Ok ok - weird - then what happened?

By December I got to the point where I had collected so much inventory (from my parents attic & storage, and a lot of thrifting around the east and west coasts), that I had to put my own every day clothes into storage. My room was starting to look like an episode of Hoarders and I realized it was probably illegal to send my friends around as vintage harlots in a bar. It was time to expand.

I began selling at markets around Los Angeles in December, and finally launched my e-commerce store in February 2019! 

I generally sell at Venice's Artists & Fleas Market on Saturdays (1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd: 11am-5pm Saturdays) and hop around between Melrose Trading Post and Rose Bowl Flea on Sundays. 

During the winter months you can find me doing monthly pop-ups for my ski apparel at Le Chamois bar at the base of Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe!

Stay tuned and follow me on instagram as I will begin to sell (legally this time!) in bars around Los Angeles once the football season starts! 


Hey Laur, why do you love this company so much?

As mentioned, Los Angeles is a city of transplants and sports teams connect you to the place where you grew up.

My collection allows you to connect to people: strangers on the street, in bars, family and friends back home. Wear my clothes and get ready for random high fives, and head nods from fellow sports fans wherever you go.

My collection also connects you to your past - the memories of growing up: of little league games, of stealing your dad's softest t-shirts, and tripping on his sweatshirt sleeves.  Hot tailgates in the sun at Yankee Stadium, faded tickets to Giants playoff games, never having enough hand warmers for Vermont winters. 

This collection is Zach Morris & Kelly Kapowski love mixed with Big League Chew. It feels good! Embrace it.


Alright, I'm in! But who is Laura Max?

Laura Max McDonald - owner of RMV, is originally from New York and is a SAG-AFTRA actress and comedian. She performs stand up and improv around LA & NYC and produces comedy videos online. She is well known around the world for her impressions of Kristen Stewart. When she's not performing or slinging vintage apparel, you can find her skiing (in the very onesies she sells!) or running around the streets of Venice Beach. She loves wine (and accepts gifts). Last year she bought herself a turquoise Wrangler and named her Kelly Kapowski McGonagall. At least she's consistent.

She is eternally grateful for her family for their truly endless love and support, and her friends who have given up their days and weekends to help her sell, model, take photos, and even drive 8 hours to Tahoe. She runs this company by herself, but she would be nowhere without her tribe. Thank you.


Logo design, company name, and business mentoring from Jamie Podgajny, owner of Matchstick Marketing, who I could not recommend more. She's a unicorn.