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Black Lives Matter



Rad Max Vintage stands with and behind Black Lives Matter. 

I, owner Laura Max McDonald, am white, straight and cis-female. I will never know the struggles faced by BIPOC Americans today or any day, but I will do everything in my power to support BIPOC and other minority groups with my business and in my personal life. 

When quarantine began, I began donating a portion of online sales to the LA Food Bank to help the homeless population in my city have access to food during this crisis.  Upon George Floyd's death I have decided to reallocate that donation to local initiatives that are helping Black lives. The first organization is Kindred Space LA - a Black female-run organization that is raising money for a Birthing Center that will allow pregnant women and new mothers access to important resources on a free or sliding scale. 

Having a small business is not easy. I am currently choosing these smaller initiatives (as opposed to the larger organizations) in hopes of making a direct difference in my community. I welcome recommendations of other small initiatives I can send my donations to. 


Here is a running list of small businesses that I truly love that are owned and operated by BIPOC and/or people who do not identify as straight or white:

- My photographer Tristan Onfroy who shoots every professional photo for my website and instagram. His photos are incredible and he's also one of my favorite humans. Please note - he does not shoot the product images and that's why they're janky AF. Every BEAUTIFUL image on this site is by him.

- Lit Soul Candles. Owned by Monica Rae, her candles are the ones I stock in my store. Her hand-made candles are sold in emptied cans, the food contents of which are donated to homeless shelters in LA. A great human, a great mother, and also a great mentor for me as I started my business. 

- Made in Claremont. Coasters and prints by my market friends Charles and Debra White. 

- Jae Jolly. Gorgeous resort collection fashion.

- Purple Fizz Sweets. Handmade INCREDIBLE cakes in Brooklyn.

- 1929 Galore. Incredible jewelry collection.

- Louise Goods. Handmade leather goods by Beka. 

- Panik.Ryder. Mobile clothing store in LA!

- Casa Lulo. Mobile clothing store in LA! With handmade swimsuits!!

- Holstere. Owned by Kristen Lu, a friend and business mentor. 


My heart remains open as I continue to learn and unlearn the racism ingrained in me as a white woman in this country. I apologize in advance for the mistakes I know I will make along this journey, and I welcome your feedback throughout. I am here listening and learning. 


With love,

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay Rad,

Laura Max